Meet Our Team

Odessa Crime Stoppers is made up of a Board of Directors, a Chief Executive Officer and Five Law Enforcement Coordinators. 

Susan Rogers

Odessa Crime Stoppers CEO

Susan began her Crime Stoppers career in 1988 as an Odessa Crime Stoppers, Inc., board member.  Subsequently, she was elected board secretary in 1989 and board chair in 1991.  In 1993, she became the CEO for the program managing the daily administrative duties as well as media relations, tip management, grant writing and law enforcement liaison. In 1995, Governor George W. Bush appointed Susan as a member of the Texas Crime Stoppers Advisory Council where she served as vice chair and chair of the Education Steering Committee. Susan was appointed again to the Texas Crime Stoppers Council by Governors Perry and Abbott and served from 2013-2017.

Additionally, Susan received the Texas Crime Stoppers Coordinator of the Year award in 1997 and again in 2005. In 2018, she was awarded the Richard Carter Lifetime Achievement award. She has been an instructor for Texas Crime Stoppers, Crime Stoppers USA and Texas Association for Crime Stoppers for many years. Susan is a past Crime Stoppers USA board member and former LE Coordinator for Energy Crime Stoppers.  She currently serves on numerous boards including the Texas Association for Crime Stoppers, Odessa REAP sex-offender compliance team, and the Odessa Mayor’s Drug & Crime Commission.
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Lt. Jeff Daniels

Ector County Independent School District
Police Department

Lt. Jeff Daniels started in law enforcement in August of 1995. He worked as a Police Officer for three years before joining the Ector County District Police Department in August of 1998.  In 2007 he became a G.R.E.A.T. officer, teaching life skills to 6th grade students. Lt. Daniels is also an 18 year member of the District Emergency Response Team/SWAT.

Lt. Daniels is a Master Peace Officer, active in ALLERT and is a TCOLE instructor. He is an American Red Cross CPR & First Aid instructor and conducts training for all employees in the school district. He has been a recipient of the Lions Club Officer of the Year.

Lt. Daniels has been involved with the Student Crime Stoppers for program since 1998, serving as coordinator since from 2009- 2016. As a campus officer he was presented with the Odessa Crime Stoppers Campus Office of the Year for 2000. Lt. Daniels received the Texas Campus Coordinator of the Year award in 2012.

In 2010, along with his duties as student coordinator, Lt. Daniels assumed the duties of coordinator for the Odessa Crime Stoppers community program. He still serves in that position.

In 2017, Lt. Daniels helped create the Texas Association for Crime Stoppers serving all programs in Texas. He is currently the chairman for the Association.

Officer Damon McGilvray

Ector County Independent School District
Police Department

Officer McGilvray is a 29 year law enforcement veteran. He has served on patrol, FTO and investigations.

Officer Damon McGilvray has been a coordinator for Odessa Student Crime Stoppers since 2013. He is currently a member of the Odessa Crime Stoppers UTV team. Officer McGilvray is an instructor for Texas Crime Stoppers.

Under Officer McGilvray’s guidance, Odessa Student Crime Stoppers has been recognized throughout the State of Texas and has become a model program for many Texas school districts.  Odessa Student Crime Stoppers has received numerous state awards for productivity as well as for best public service announcements on radio and television
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Sgt. Viviana Vasquez

University of Texas Permian Basin Police

Sgt. Viviana Vasquez began her law enforcement career in 2013 after attending the academy at the Odessa Police Department. She served as an officer for 6 years with the Odessa College Police Department before joining the UTPB Police Department in 2020. Officer Vasquez joined Crime Stoppers as a co-advisor for Odessa College Crime Stoppers in 2017. Sgt. Vasquez serves as an FTO with a TCOLE Intermediate Peace Officer Certificate, an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice, and is currently pursuing her Bachelor Degree. Sgt. Vasquez was recently appointed as the Coordinator for the UTPB Crime Stoppers program in 2021. In 2022 she was promoted to the rank of Sergeant on Patrol.
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Officer Ryan Kelly

University of Texas System Police
University of Texas Permian Basin
Police Department 

Officer Ryan Kelly started his law enforcement career with the Ector County Sheriff’s Office in 2013 as a Jailer at the Ector County Detention Center. In 2015 Ryan attended the Permian Basin Law Enforcement Academy and was soon transferred to the Patrol Division of the Sheriff’s Office.

While at the Sheriff’s Office, Ryan has worked on Patrol and in the Criminal Investigation Division as a Crime Scene Investigator. Ryan is one of two FAA Licensed Remote Pilots at the Sheriff’s Office. Ryan is a TCOLE Instructor, Field Training Officer, and an ALERRT Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events Instructor.

In 2023 Ryan left the Sheriff's Office and is now a Police Officer for the University of Texas Permian Basin Police Department. 
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Officer Fernando Garza

Odessa College Police Department

Officer Fernando Garza has over 13 years of service as a law enforcement officer. He has served on patrol, is currently an FTO with an Advanced TCOLE License and Mental Health Certification.

Officer Fernando Garza began his law enforcement career in 2007 as a police recruit for the City of Odessa Police Department. He served as an officer with OPD until 2009 before joining the Odessa College Police Department. Officer Garza is the Senior Officer for OCPD, having served 12 years on duty. He is currently the only acting Mental Health Officer for Odessa College after completing his Mental Health Certification in 2019. Officer Garza was appointed Co-Advisor for the Odessa College Crime Stoppers program and SRO for OC Tech and Odessa Collegiate Academy in 2021.