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The Behind the Line Podcast

Odessa Crime Stoppers is proud to partner with the Ector County Sheriff's Office, the Odessa Police Department, and Company E of the Texas Rangers to bring you The Behind the Line Podcast.

Each episode we bring will focus on a "Cold Case" Homicide that happened in Odessa or Ector County. Some of our cases date as far back as 1977!

Some of the cases we will bring will be solved but the majority will be Active Investigations. That's where YOU come in. If you know something about one of our cases Send Us A Tip by clicking the red button below or call us at (432)333-TIPS.

It is our hope that by telling these stories we will be able to help the Rangers and Investigators bring closure to the Victim’s families and bring these Killers to Justice. We firmly believe Someone Knows Something, and all it takes is one piece of information to crack the case wide open.

So check back here for updates on the podcast, and information on each episode we publish and don't forget to look for us wherever you get your Podcasts.
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Statement from the Texas Rangers Co. E Unsolved Crimes Investigation Program

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Due to the advances in technology, there may be new leads in cold case investigations, not only advanced DNA analysis, but latent print evidence, trace evidence, and tool mark advancements all offer the potential for new clues in old investigations, these (Odessa )cold cases need to be reviewed for the possibility that a new lead or further investigation of an old lead may bring justice and closure to families.

Jeffery Strain, Texas Ranger, Company “E”, Unsolved Crimes Investigation  Program